Custom made rack for paint bottles

I decided to expand my existing set of Vallejo paints by purchasing a new set from Army Painter at a great price. When the set arrived, it became obvious I will need to find a new way to organize all my paints. The commercially available racks seemed to be both expensive and taking up too much space, and I have therefore opted to build one myself, using some basic materials sitting around the house for my diorama projects. 2 hours later, I cant be happier from the result. Here are few pictures from the process, and the final product.


Paul´s Bods said…
That´s clever..easy and cheap..which makes it very clever:-)
Love the other dios..especially Bunratty Castle..good ideas.
No follower Gadget ? Anyway..I´ve added you to my "Bodders " list
Phil said…
Effective and creative...Very nice!
Arsovski Todor said…
Paul, thank you for your comment, follow button added :-). Your work has been huge inspiration, I have learned so much and was probably the greatest motivation for me to get into diorama.

Phil, thank you for your comments, I am very happy to have discovered your blog, which is a great resource. Is is especially helpful because I have 800 Napoleonic soldiers waiting on me to paint them for my upcoming Leipzig battle.

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