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Painted Airfix Italian infantry set 1/72

After completing my American Civil War diorama , I am starting a new project on the WWII in Yugoslavia, where Tito's Partisans were fighting the Germans, Italians and Croatian Ustasha. The diorama will depict one of the Axis offensives against the Partisans in Bosnia, where they tried to encircle and destroy them. The diorama will have more than 400 figures and will be build in 1/72 scale. For the Italian infantry I am using the Arifix set 01757 , and I have consulted the  Osprey Publishing military books  for the Italian uniforms in the Balkans during this period. The bases of the figures are unpainted, as they will be covered by the diorama terrain when installed.

American Civil War Diorama

As many enthusiasts, I got bit carried away and taken as my first project a large-scale diorama from the American Civil War with proportions of 6*4 feet (2-1.2 meters). The diorama is in 1/72 scale.     The diorama is inspired by the Gettysburg battle, depicting several scenes of battle with various level of intensity, including - what I hope it is - a dramatic hand to hand combat. Although I have consulted historic record, the diorama is not intended to be historically accurate. For the project I have used model soldiers from Imex, Revell and Italieri, which I have also customized to create casualties or more interesting poses. In total, I have used more than 300 soldiers, 20 cavalry and 12 guns with crew. This is only my first project, and I am continuing to learn more from your blogs and good work.