American Civil War Diorama

As many enthusiasts, I got bit carried away and taken as my first project a large-scale diorama from the American Civil War with proportions of 6*4 feet (2-1.2 meters). The diorama is in 1/72 scale.

The diorama is inspired by the Gettysburg battle, depicting several scenes of battle with various level of intensity, including - what I hope it is - a dramatic hand to hand combat. Although I have consulted historic record, the diorama is not intended to be historically accurate.

For the project I have used model soldiers from Imex, Revell and Italieri, which I have also customized to create casualties or more interesting poses. In total, I have used more than 300 soldiers, 20 cavalry and 12 guns with crew. This is only my first project, and I am continuing to learn more from your blogs and good work.


Patrick said…
Very nice 1/72 ACW diorama!!! I always enjoy looking at other people's work. What did you use for the wheat field? Feel free to check out my pictures as well. Thanks!

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