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Carro Veloce L3/33 Tankette

I have just completed the first Carro Veloce (L3-33) tankette that came in my 1/72 S-Model L3/33 set of two items. Despite its tiny size, this was effectively the main armored fighting vehicle of the Italian army during WWII. As part of the WWII diorama I am building, this tankette will spearhead the attack of the Italian Army on the Yugoslav Partisans positions, and will be destroyed in the process by them. To capture this better, I have created a flame engulfing the top of the tankette (I will add the smoke later). Many thanks to for his excellent blog on how to create and paint flames . The killed tank driver is from Hat's set 8262 WWII German Tank Riders. and the painting of the uniform is based on Osprey Publishing military books .