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Battle of Alesia - edition 1

Ever since reading about Caesar's battle of Alesia , I was keen to make a diorama that captures the fierceness of this battle. The battle of Alesia was fought between 60.000 Roman soldiers under Caesar's command, and approximately 300.000 Gauls. Smaller number of them were besieged by the Romans in the city of Alesia, while the rest were part of the relief army. Using superior siege engineering and bold strategy, the Romans were able to carry the day. My diorama project will include 3 pieces. The first one, included here, is capturing the main action - the attack of the relief army. The second piece will depict the roman camp, and the third will focus on the attack of the besieged army on the inner wall. So far, I have completed only the basic terrain and fortifications of the first board and I will post here regular updates of my progress. While working on the diorama, I was not able to contain my excitement over the roman army bods from Caesar and Esci, and tried my pain