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Custom made rack for paint bottles

I decided to expand my existing set of Vallejo paints by purchasing a new set from Army Painter at a great price. When the set arrived, it became obvious I will need to find a new way to organize all my paints. The commercially available racks seemed to be both expensive and taking up too much space, and I have therefore opted to build one myself, using some basic materials sitting around the house for my diorama projects. 2 hours later, I cant be happier from the result. Here are few pictures from the process, and the final product.

Bunratty Castle inspired medieval diorama

It was love at first site the moment I laid my eyes on Bunratty castle during my holiday in Ireland. I was excited as a kid roaming around all the rooms, narrow staircases and corridors that connected with other parts of the castle in a way that seemed impossible. Right then, I knew that a new diorama project was waiting for me the moment I come home. Six months later, the diorama is already taking shape while I continue to work on the many remaining finishing touches.  The Diorama is done in 1/72 scale, on a 4ft*6ft (60cm*90cm) board. Add caption It is a glorious time at the castle. The local Bishop is visiting to bless the church that is under construction. He is flanked by strong retinue of men at arms and a knight. The workers at the church are hard at work on erecting the walls, and the castle blacksmith is outfitting the solders for an upcoming sortie in the nearby forrest. Everything happens under the watchful eyes of the castle guards.